1. Just like my soul does whenever I see a text from you.

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  2. homsweethom:

    Really excited about my new design for Help Ink! Get lovely art for your walls and give meals, clean water, and medical supplies to people in need. Doesn’t get much better than that!

    Oh, and fortune really does favor the bold :)


    This is NOT a Daily Dishonesty, for once. Pick up one of my honest posters for a good cause!


  3. …well maybe just one person. But she promised she won’t tell anyone, so don’t worry it’s totally cool.

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  4. Just found out that Daily Dishonesty is nominated for Best Personal Blog at the Webby Awards for the second year in a row! We need your votes to win, and it would mean the world to me if you voted for my lovely little lies here:


    Again, a huge thank you to all of my delightfully dishonest followers! xo


  5. I promise I’ll only have six margaritas. I swear it was the seventh one that really did me in last time.


  6. And my pants. That’s why I showed up to class with neither today.

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  7. Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn’t live without? Well, look at you living and shit.

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  8. Get it, girl (or boy).


  9. I have a brunch date with a bloody mary at the wee hour of 1pm, and I need my beauty rest.

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  10. I am SO excited to officially announce that the Daily Dishonesty book is coming out in Fall 2014!

    "Daily Dishonesty pays homage to the little lies we tell ourselves just to make it through the day. Based on author Lauren Hom’s work from the blog of the same title, the book features a colorful collection of 150+ funny & beautifully illustrated lies. Covering topics such as diets, breakups, friendship, growing up, slacking off, guilty pleasures, and more, these hand-lettered, sassy mantras are both relatable and tongue-in-cheek. Daily Dishonesty is a stylish and chic feel-good gift book that reveals, plays with, and makes light of life’s little quirks.”

    As always, thank you for all the love, laughs, and support over the past year. This blog and book wouldn’t have been possible without my lovely friends (aka my muses), family, and followers. My parents taught me that I should always tell the truth, but I guess I found a way to prove them wrong. They also told me that I have to put on pants every day…

    Keep an eye out for this little blue book in stores later in the year!

    x Lauren


  11. The word “million” is open to interpretation.

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  12. A small milkshake just can’t satisfy my sweet tooth like a large milkshake can…

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  13. That’s not a night light…it’s just there to help me find my way to the kitchen for my midnight snack.

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  14. Christmas presents, anyone? 


  15. Seasons eatings! My gift to you is more of me to love.

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